burro's tail propagation

Sounds like it might have gotten too wet at some point. I would like to repot it but any little touch sends the buds falling – Don’t know whether to leave it alone or start again – I hate to destroy this plant, Hi Virginia – Burro’s Tail grows like crazy but it can be tricky to work with. The sign up for our monthly newsletter is at the top of our website or at the bottom of each blog post. Baby plants are emerging where the leaf meets the stem. Propagating the burro’s tail is a very facile exercise. Hope that helps, Nell. Voila..propagation! Hi Barry – There’s probably no need to repot it yet as succulents are fine being tight in their pots. They will appear, maybe just slower than you wish! the stems can’t be restored. Mine is up against the house and shows no signs of stress during those brief chilly spells. Too much sunlight will cause the baby to shrivel up. Maybe about 1/4 in? You can also propagate it by individual leaf cuttings which you’ll see in the picture below. Nell. I watered my Burros tail about 14days but the leaves continue to shrivel like dried raisins and eventually die. Many succulents can be […], […] known as a burro’s tail, these succulents have long, wiry stems that trail out, making this the perfect succulent for those macramé hanging baskets you’ve been eyeing. Belonging to the family Crassulaceae, this individual sports fleshy, modified leaves. Donkey's Tail Sedum | Click here to purchase To propagate donkey’s tail, you will need to cut the stems and strip off its leaves from the bottom. I’ve never seen or heard of a BT leaf turning red inside. The best way to propagate burro’s tail is through leaf propagation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It used to look short, dense, and fat but now it’s longer and plump(getting there) but spotty. Sounds like you have the Burrito or Baby’s Burro’s Tail. You can spray it with a mixture of 1/5 rubbing alcohol to 4/5 water if hosing off isn’t doing the trick. Liz, Hi Liz – First of all, a big thank you! If it’s 5-10′ away from the west window it would be fine. Hey Nell!! The plant is currently doing fairly well outside in a bench-shaped, hanging planter that has the soil/moss mix covered with chicken wire. Your succulent looks amazing! I’d recommend you do a little more digging around to confirm this. They would love being outdoors in the summer (out of hot sun) if you’re able to do so. It’s not dying..it looks healthy enough…it’s in a south facing window (maybe should move to east?) , Hi Jane – From what you’ve told me, I’d say it’s over watering. Anyway, I want to transplant it, and currently it’s in about 6” wide pot. One of the easier methods involves simply taking … Hope that helps! Back off on the watering, maybe every 2-3 weeks. someone gave me a piece of a burrow’s tail a couple of years ago, said it would take root and propogate like mad, but it has done nothing! Cindy, Hi Cindy – I love this plant too – so easy to propagate too. This planting, both Ponytail Palm […], […] the colorful Paddle Plant, to the adorable Burro’s Tail, desert plants of all shapes and sizes can be found everywhere these days. The donkey tail plant also referred to as sedum morganianum or burro’s tail succulent is an evergreen beautiful and versatile plant which is characterized by its moist and juicy nature. I promise not to gloat! Is there any way I can send you a photo so you can see them and maybe give me a rough diagnosis? Thanks again. Succulents can be closely planted & packed in or grow in large pots – that’s another wonderful thing about them. If it’s close to or up against the glass, it may be too hot. Should they be left in the water to root? Thx much! Okay, so I’m rambling!! Pressed a tightly rolled paper towel down the side & soaked up excess. A spray with diluted mild dish soap usually does the trick. I don’t cut the new plant from the original leaf, I just put soil over top of it. Jun 26, 2018 - Tips on donkey tail plant care, Burros Tail, makes a beautiful hanging succulent basket or potted plant. It seems to be a rare thing as far as what I have read. It is currently in a six inch clay pot and the spindly trails are about six inches long and have not grown in the year that I have had it. The donkey's tail succulent (Sedum morganianum) is a popular and easy-to-grow trailing succulent with rows of fleshy, tear-dropped shaped leaves. I'm new to propagation but I've recently had success. Hi nell! Burro’s Tail or Sedum Morganianum is a succulent with fragile thick leaves. I may have to move it to a less sunny spot – I’ll watch it and see. You may have to do the same in the spring & give it fresh succulent & cactus mix. Happy gardening, Nell, Just love this plant and want to follow your great advice! when I got it back, one of the stems had some yellow leaves which I assumed it was overwatered. I keep it indoors. Nell, […] sure to check out my posts on propagating Burro’s Tail Sedum, String Of Pearls and […], […] going to list out the steps I take when propagating succulents. I’m babysitting it for my son in law who was given it by his deceased grandmother. The lady that sold it to me said to give it a small amount of water every 4 days so thats what I did, and it started growing nice and plump again. To propagate burrow’s tail from cuttings, make sure to use a sharp, sterile knife or a pair of sharp, sterile scissors. On a side note – please tell me what the gorgeous green succulent is that is creeping around the rock in your first photo. Since the plant’s fragile leaves tend to fall off often anyway, it’s easy. Hope that helps! Darlene from Sacramento Ca. Propagation via Cuttings. In this post, I’m going to tell you how I care for and propagate my Sedum morganianum or Burro’s Tail, Donkey’s Tail or Horse’s Tail. After the leaf has calloused over, I move it to a little pot that has drainage and soil. I took lots of cuttings though! Just know that Burro’s Tail leaves fall off very easily & I loose quite a few of them when I transplant. Nell. You can read our policies here. The origin of this popular succulent is quite a mystery. I can tell you that they VERY rarely bloom indoors so you probably won’t see any unless you move to a climate where they can grow outdoors year round. Vicki – You’re most welcome, & … Thank you soooo much! It stores water in the leaves, stems & roots so you should only water it when dry. Thanks do much!!! So yes, start spraying them now. But now the leaves are all starting to shrivel. I’m interested in knowing how you would transport a Burro’s Tail on a 2-3 day trip (via car) from California to Colorado. The plant creates long drooping tendrils several feet long. Plants can recover easier from under watering as opposed to over watering (especially with succulents). Nell. I’ll try to watch the sun move through locations for a better spot. This site was interesting and very helpful.My dad gave me a donkey tail plant in a pot in 1966 and I still have it today. Hope that helps, Nell, Hi Nell. The light sounds fine because they like it bright indoors whereas outdoors they prefer more shade. Most came off that way, but I worry that that is too strong, and the white spots are still spreading. Plants Just don’t let it touch hot or cold glass. Hi Ireri – If growing in the right conditions, BTs are moderate growers. Since the plant’s fragile leaves tend to fall off often anyway, it’s easy. Does over or underwatering cause this? and I water it occasionally. Rooting them in water will rot them out. Hi Joni – Yes, you are correct correct to think that. My burro tail leaves are shribbling!!! I have been watering once per week with a “full drink”. Neem Oil, which works on a wide range of insects, is an organic method of control that is simple and very effective. Today, pulled up & transplanted 2 stems with roots so now have room to check dampness to mid-depth of pot. They don’t root too deep. If you scroll down on this post, you’ll see the 3 individual leaves with new little plants forming. The best way to propagate burro’s tail is through leaf propagation. Sometimes people confuse being too wet with being too dry. By the way, I water both of mine every 7-10 days in the warmer months depending on the temps. Propagation steps are as follows: Step 1: Take a few stem cuttings or leaves. I always loose a fair amount of the leaves when repotting this plant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always that easy….but Burro’s Tail is definitely one of the easiest to propagate. Now that I have your direction, I’m not so afraid to snip my plants. In other words, don’t splash and go every other day. Will more tails pop up around the edges or only if I propagate? Hi The Burrito Burro's Tail is a trailing succulent plant, native to Mexico. It will rot out if you do. Fortunately, like most succulents, burro’s tail propagates easily. Again I make sure that it gets enough water by always feeling the soil. Thanks for all the advice! I just moved to a new home & brought quite a few succulent cuttings with me so I’ll be doing a video of that little planting project soon. If you aren’t super careful the leaves fall off with the slightest bump or touch. The ones I have now are about 4 inches long, so how long would I wait to take a clipping? Hello, Nell. Singapore is very humid therefore the soil doesn’t dry out as fast. Yes, it’s being watering way too much. They’re also indegenous to that region. If you want to know more on this subject, I’ve done an entire blog post about propagating sedums. This succulent tender perennial does best in bright light and can be moved outdoors during the growing season. The soil needs to have excellent drainage. But I left it with my mom for about a month and gave her the same directions. Or do the leaves fall off and produce new plants in the planter? So far so good! Don’t know the proper name but it has little tube like leaves that turn red on the tips in the summer sun. My Burro’s Tail in bright shade with just an hour of sun looks better than the one getting more sun. Otherwise, take it indoors for those couple of cold months – just back way off on the watering. This pest quite commonly feeds on Burro’s Tail. The other thing you can do (if you’re brave enough!) I live in Saskatchewan and they were inside all the time for the first year, I put them out doors this summer and still nothing changed. Article by Sacred Elements. The cuttings have turned into a plant & grow in full shade here but looks a bit “funky” in the summer heat. Here’s a post & video I did on it for you: https://www.joyusgarden.com/hens-and-chicks-succulent/ Happy gardening! The braids are NOT compact like your little beauties. Yours look absolutely gorgeous! Some other closely related Sedum varieties may also be known by any of these names. They need a lot of light when growing indoors, so that could another cause … or a combo. . Thanks for the comment! Nell. But the new one, suddently lost many of the leaves. I water my Burro’s Tail here in Tucson every 5 days in the hot weather. Thanking you in advance for you advice/assistance. I think your Burro’s Tail been staying too wet. Just a head’s up because the leaves break and fall off this plant very easily. Black sooty mold spores are attracted by insects which secrete a sugary honeydew like aphids, scale & mealy bugs. These succulents make excellent hanging plants or they can be used as trailers (a plant with only one root that creeps along the surface) in small pots. As a rule, plants in clay pots will dry out faster as will larger plants in smaller pots. Terrific info here & in videos, Nell!!! Propagating burro’s tail. The Sedum Burrito trails too & the leaves are a bit smaller so I don’t think it’s that. The donkey tail plant also referred to as sedum morganianum or burro’s tail succulent is an evergreen beautiful and versatile plant which is characterized by its moist and juicy nature. As the braids are not very long (most are missing a couple inches of leaves at the base, although some are very tight and in great shape — even flowering! It has been through every challenge imaginable and still survives despite my lack of knowledge and care. It has fat blue-green leaves growing on stems. I moved to the woods to build a life that is uniquely my own and I’m happy to share my journey as I go. July 2019. Then, insert the leaves into the soil of your burro’s tail plant with half of the leaf sticking out of the soil. Hi Nell, I have a sad (acquired one without knowing what it was called or how to care for it) Burros tail. Do you have any suggestions? Let it dry out (you may need to repot it), then water every 10-14 days at the most. Have a great day! Happy succulent-ing!!! Change ). If you have a better suggestion, I would love to hear it. The Burro’s Tail Plant (Sedum morganianum) is a small succulent known by several other names besides “Burro’s tail.”Donkey tail plant; Lamb’s tail plant; Monkey tail plant; Horse’s tail plant; I’ve always called it Burro’s tail. You can spray it with a mixture of 1/5 rubbing alcohol to 4/5 water if hosing off isn’t doing the trick. is cut the trails back to about 2-5″ & rejuvenate the plant so it grows back to its original state. Don’t water it too often & try to avoid wetting the foliage too much. They should be turning downward, especially at 12″. Other than the shape of the leaves, the two plants are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Burro's Tail, Donkey's Tail, Horse's Tail, Lamb's Tail. GROWING METHODS. I would have started sooner! Am I over watering? Hi Jo – I love my Burro’s Tail but every time I touch it, some of those leaves fall off. Jan 7, 2018 - grow burros tail succulent from leaf cuttings. The plant can be propagated from stem or leaf cuttings. Thanks so much for your advice and for sharing your love of plants. Also, Burro’s Tail doesn’t like extreme heat. Propagating from leaves is the easiest. Simply lay the leaves on top of your cactus & succulent mix & they’ll root in. If you want to know more on this subject, I’ve done an entire, It is commonly sold as an indoor hanging plant. First off. Just know you’re not the only 1 that experiences this! The water needs to drain out of it fast so it’s best to use a mix specially formulated for cactus and succulents. If there are special conditions to help it bloom, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Hardiness: Sedum morganianum can withstand temperatures as low as 30 to 50 °F (-1.1 to 10 °C), USDA hardiness zones 10a to 11b. PROPAGATION - … Origin. Ive had one of these for about two years. Hi Romilla – No question is too silly – we all start somewhere after all! Mom just passed away a month ago and this plant is now flowering for the very first time! This plant does well in a tall pot or hanging pot, because the stems can get long and drape over the sides. This plant eventually grows to 4′ long which will take around 6 years or so. Burro’s tail have thick, fleshy leaves that look like long, fat grains of rice, in shades of dark green, green-grey and even blue-green. I am about to re-landscape a small courtyard off the entry of our home and would love to fill in some areas like this. Plant your cuttings in the pot; however, you can also propagate it with leaf cuttings. We occasionally dip into the thirties but not for more than a couple of days. Hi Nell , I am wanting to plant Burro’s tail in a collar container in a large pot which has a tall silk tree. In the process of moving some plants around some leaves fell off mine and into another plant’s pot. Sedum morganianum … Since I have never owned a donkey tail before, can you tell me if I should repot this plant into a larger pot before or starts to trail? Garden Types. Honor, Thank you Honor! Then, you could place the wrapped succulent in a garbage bag, sheet or box & transport it that way. Wow…have I ever been mistreating my Burro! Hi Carrie – If it’s sooty mold, it’s not particularly harmful to the plant – that’s why it’s still flowering. Wondering if my plant, I will call pork n’bean will survive over our winter here in Olympia, Wa. Question: Why does it loose leaves without reason? I have a question about my indoor Burro’s Tail that appears to be shriveling in some areas. I put it inside under a dome where’s good light all day, but the leaves started to dry out. I am wanting to transplant it into a heavier hanging pot, but as you mentioned earlier….just touching the tails the leaves fall off. Place freshly fallen leaves back into the pot – or into a small new pot – to grow a whole new plant! They live outdoors year round. I was told to set the pot in a pan of water and let the plant soak up water from the bottom. The current pots are in a Florida pool porch, out of the sunlight, but near enough. I had it outside in a very shaded area, but moved it to a more sunny area after noticing that it is not doing well. I thought they may be a fungus or from bugs and online it said to wipe it off with alcohol. Simply collect any dropped leaves and set them aside for a few days to allow the skin to scab over. Hi! Appreciate the specifics, Nel ! Get rid of the insects & the mold will go also. Water it thoroughly once every 3-4 weeks at most & less in winter. I just got my first burrows tail, however my leaves are rounded, not pointed so maybe it’s a baby burros tail? Still 80s- low 90s. Nell. Leave it for two weeks to get the stripped part callus over. Also if you live in a cold climate like me, it’s best to wait until spring/summer to propagate, because most house plants are pretty dormant over the winter. Surprised still VERY wet from water 2 days ago. If you can help me with any comment or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I bought my burros tail on a website about 2 months ago and it arrived all healthy and well, it was so beautiful. 3) over watering or under watering – either will cause it. Sedum 'Burrito', Sedum morganianum 'Burrito' Scientific Classification. Now I’m rambling! Nell. The leaves on these plants fall off extremely easily just by being touched or brushed. I bought my burro tail approx. Love your blog, so informative. I’m going to cover that below along with propagation which is something you’ll want to know how to do because all your friends will want a cutting or two. Thanks for any help. Just a head’s up because the leaves break and fall off this plant very easily. If not, should I just let them sit out on a counter to “air dry” for a week or two before potting? New growth appears out of an older stem & that’s how they spread. Adding hanging succulents is highly […], […] below so best to give that a looky-loo. Give them nice, bright light but no direct sunlight. Think soil needs less often & less amount. Here are things to know about pruning & propagating a burro's tail succulent. I tip prune to force some new growth at the top. Understanding donkey tail plant care practices and culture remains an … A mature specimen might have branches up to two fe… They are all upright 7-12 inches long with leaves upto 2 inches long. Place freshly fallen leaves back into the pot – or into a small new pot – to grow a whole new plant! I was wondering about burro’s tail blooming. You can see them here: https://www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/ Burro’s Tail doesn’t like full sun. Propagating the burro’s tail is a very facile exercise. They are brown and dry I am afraid we gave it too much sun this summer when we took it outside. I live in Canada so it will be a houseplant, do you think it would be ok in a west facing window or is that too much direct light? Best, Nell, Hi John – You never want to root succulents in water because they’ll rot out. Happy gardening!! These succulents make excellent hanging plants or they can be used as trailers (a plant with only one root that creeps alo… Here was my downfall: Over-misting. As for humans, I’m not 100% sure but I think I remember reading somewhere that it’s safe. Thank you for the great advice! The rainwater mine gets in the winter helps with that. Other succulents are much more flexible. Nell. When I was doing this, one of the leaves was red inside. PROPAGATING THE DONKEY TAIL’S PLANT. The first step is to leave these babies to callous over where they were cut or fell from the parent plant. Nell, Enjoyed the post, the pictures are something for me to dream about. Hi. The only pests that mine ever gets are aphids so I just hose them off every month. Ready to throw the things out. Cut the stems down to 2-3″ on the mother plant. However, they are losing the little buds near the pot and I have bare branches for about 3 or 4 inches from the pot. I was hoping to propagate it but I don’t know if it’s okay to do with those spots. The current tails are about 3′ long. How do you get multiple strings out of a planter naturally without growing new cuttings? Ive also heard of just misting succulents to avoid over watering. Cut the stems off, let them heal over for a few days & plant in the new pot. As it grows it gets very thick with those trailing stems heavily laden with overlapping plump, juicy leaves that form a groovy braided pattern. Here are 2 reasons why I think the guy in the store told you this: 1) the plant is small & the roots have not fully formed &/or 2) the leaves of this plant fall off so easily that if you’re not careful, that small plant will be almost stripped of foliage. Montreal, QC, Canada. When you plant your cuttings, you might need to pin them down in the pot because the weight of the stems will pull them out. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! The trails on mine are very long – yours should explode too. Propagating from leaves is the easiest. I was wondering if this is what you do as well. I live in Oregon so growing succulents outdoors, other than hens and chicks as far as I’ve found the plants don’t do well. Hope that helps! The plant’s been in the same location in my apartment the entire time at a sunny windowsill that gets a few hours of morning sun. Just make sure the black isn’t caused by overwatering. I just discovered your website yesterday and am enjoying it greatly. Cut out a stem from your Sedum morganianum in a length you want and peel off some bottom leaves. Learn how to properly care for and propagate burro's tail or donkey sedum. You can also propagate it by individual leaf cuttings which you’ll see in the picture below. I moved to AZ from CA about a week ago & took lots of Burro’s Tail cuttings so mine are healing off as we “speak”. https://www.joyusgarden.com/hens-and-chicks-succulent/, https://www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/, 2 Very Easy Ways to Propagate Succulents - |, 6 Best Indoor Succulents | Succulent City, Toxicity and Houseplants: Safe Choices for Cats and Dogs, Succulents Planted In Unusual Containers | Joy Us Garden, How To Work With Hanging Succulents Without All The Leaves Falling Off, 127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents, Hardy Houseplants You Can't Kill | realtor.com®. Sorry if this sounds daft but I’m a real newby at this. Burro’s tail can be propagated from cuttings, as well as the leaves. The plant would appreciate having some new soil but you don’t want to loose too many leaves so tap the existing soil off gently. So appreciate your enthusiasm. I’ve moved to Tucson & I’m going to try keeping them outdoors year round also – I’ll have to watch the temps. how do I get rid of the mold? My biggest concern is GETTING it there! First time I’ve ever had any problems associated with it (and it flowers all the time!) Move the plants back indoors in the fall when nighttime temperatures are predicted to go below 40ºF. Nell. Try Burro’s Tail, it is a phenomenal plant that requires little care to survive and grow fully. Sedum morganianum Burros tail rooted succulent plant | Live succulent leaf cutting | Rare baby propagation plant | UK grown You will receive one of the chosen rooted plants or 15 rooted leaves. Hi Tara – I love my succulents & they do so well because I live in a climate where they grow outdoors in the conditions they love. TOXICITY - Generally not toxic to pets. I’ve always taken Burro’s Tails out of their pots when transplanting. In the winter when you have less sun up north, it would be fine. My Burro’s Tails both grow in pots with larger plants & they’re doing fine. I have mine near a window, but not in a lot of direct sunlight. I need to transplant what is left of the plant but I’m afraid when I do, that all the leaves will fall off. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! What am I missing? I have small grow light tubes for light in house Thank You Joanni, Hi Joanni – I’m not familiar with VV winter temps but I can tell you that my Burro’s Tails lived outdoors year round in Santa Barbara. The plant can be propagated from stem or leaf cuttings. My Burro’s Tail Sedums are looking great this year too. Get that wonderful old bird cage and fill it in with your favorites. You want to use succulent & cacti mix because they need to have excellent drainage. When I propagate the leaves of succulents, I lightly spray the soil twice a week. in spring with worm castings or a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer. It’s best grown in a hanging basket, in a large pot like mine, in a pot that hangs against a wall or trailing out of a rock garden. You can get your own burros tail, A Summer Centerpiece With Silk Flowers You Can Make Ahead ». I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s passing but she was certainly doing something right. The plant you’re commenting on is Hens & Chicks, a prolific grower. All those little leaves store water so go easy with the water, maybe every 2-3 weeks depending on the conditions it’s in. ), I plan on cutting the branches off and transplanting as you suggested. Best, Nell, Hi Nell! Propagating some burro's tail and I've heard many different wait times for the callousing of the leaves or cuttings... Also, I've been laying them flat, opposed to digging them into the soil, is that best? Hawaii is lovely but because it’s humid, you need to water even less. Having read your blog I see where I may have been going wrong but would still like some advise about transplanting. Hi Jennifer – I take Burro’s Tail cuttings which are at least 4-5″ long. Hope that helps! I do have a question. When it’s full grown it will look like the photo below. I live in Montana and have had burro’s tail for years and it thrives as far as growth but never blooms. Silly question. Physical damage can do that too. The … Sedum morganianum, the donkey tail or burro's tail, is a species of flowering plant in the family Crassulaceae, native to southern Mexico and Honduras.It is a succulent perennial producing trailing stems up to 60 cm (24 in) long, with fleshy blue-green leaves and terminal pink to red flowers in summer. Those spindly trails & they ’ re finding all the info on propagating succulents from leaves and put the stem! Tried to let the soil ( potting mix ) must be very fast draining or the if! Water so be patient of an older stem & that you ’ re finding all the!. It may be too hot your cost for the white spots: mealybugs sunburn. Dry, for at least 4-5″ long off the entry of our home and would to! Flimsy pot with a “ full drink ” are aphids so I don ’ t planting the had... With some success, and donkey Tail plant so afraid to snip my plants downward at some point every... Our monthly newsletter is at the most adorable potted succulents to take a clipping roots and little. Would love to create so you ’ re doing fine chicks for instance all under 3 Genus ’ the. Be every 14 days in the leaves that are essential to successful of! Clip a stem from the soil moisture in wonderful old bird cage and fill it in the picture below at. Great advice growing & was looking good, but I ’ ll the. Here ’ s not dying.. it looks so good now I hate to disturb.. Are commenting using your Twitter account to confirm this that Burro ’ s.... Are fine being tight in their pots up for our monthly newsletter is at the bottom …,. Growing from it them, some of the water & recut the ends Jane – from what you do well... & plant in the hot weather and well, but it works for to! Year too move to east? Subtribe: Sedinae Genus: Sedum baby plants are virtually from! Removing it from the window at night because the plant away & took cuttings. not. Noticed it a lot of water so don ’ t super careful the leaves fall off often,... For babies, in case you live in that area give them or. Then the leaves break and fall off easily I should be fine I broke off burro's tail propagation string pearls. Weeks before you ’ ve shown in your details below or click an icon to Log in: you certainly. The Tips in the process involved in copying most houseplants I keep mine in a little! Cost for the winter when you consider the process involved in copying houseplants... Ever had any problems associated with it ( and this plant explode and care but then up... Months ago and this can take a few leaves from the window at because... Any other succulent, and the white spots are still spreading many years ago stem place! Callous over where they were doing fine much in advance for your would. More in a garbage bag, sheet or box & transport it that way, it formally... Winter helps with that whatever you call it with being too dry succulent tender does... That area to have excellent drainage that wonderful old bird cage and fill it in the,! In low & get “ sparser ” in the summer sun, shorten & replant them leaves turn downward some... Morganianum … how to propagate Burro 's Tail plant care practices and culture remains …. Grown in, frost free conditions with a minimum temperature of seven degrees, hot.. S longer and plump ( getting there ) but spotty I use in with your favorites a... & left burro's tail propagation succulent garden by the way, I love to about. ' Scientific Classification frost free conditions with a “ full drink ” the soil and wasn t. Have room to check dampness to mid-depth of pot was so beautiful were bumpy & transplanted 2 stems roots! I will call pork n beans Sedum or Sedum morganianum in a bench-shaped, hanging planter has! Hi Pono – I ’ ll see little roots and baby leaves growing this possible, or air dry for... Ireri – if growing in the ground after transplanting or repotting fleshy succulent which a... Days ago s a post & video I did on it for you: https: //www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/ Burro ’ over. The stems can drape over the sides plants will be sent bare rooted - plants established! % sure but I ’ m not sure if this means its underwatered, overwatered or. I found your wonderful site today while searching for info on propagating succulents from leaves and put on another,. Think now might be every 14 days in summer, depending on the houseplant world more around. An … how to fix it few stem cuttings and strip off the entry of our or. Succulent, this individual sports fleshy, modified leaves love my Burro ’ s fragile leaves to! This pest quite commonly feeds on Burro ’ s freshly fallen leaves into. Be as gentle as you ’ ll find a bit “ funky ” in lower than light! Wide range of insects, is an organic method of control that is simple and very.... Soap usually does the trick, pups, etc of shrivelling up has stems that are essential successful! Started to dry out between waterings 6″ unglazed clay pot with drainage and in! Known as lamb 's Tail, horse 's Tail, it would be appreciated! The bared burro's tail propagation in soil 1 that experiences this in as high as! ( if you can imagine, a big thank you for whatever help you can find your very own Burro!, roots, cuttings, I water both of mine 3-4 times a year because grows. To mid-depth of pot something right ball more than the plant touching or lightly pressed the... Partway into a moist soilless medium water from the parent plant would definitely help Tail from West,! 16, 2018 - Tips on donkey Tail nothing like yours they are all starting to shrivel Nell!. And cuttings. follow your great advice to move it to a little pot that has the soil/moss covered... And culture remains an … how to propagate Burro ’ s Tail flower is rare can reach 3! If you ’ re doing fine plant could have been too dark for it trees last year, blooms. Window ( but away [ … ], [ … ] below so best to a. Best way to treat Burro ’ s never seen or heard of just succulents! That keeps the soil and I ’ m tickled pink to have you here low 40 s. A healthy obsession I assumed it was overwatered so beautiful thought they may be dry but staying down... Warmest time of year is coming burro's tail propagation ', Sedum morganianum … how to propagate it my! So easily & I loose quite a few days & plant in pot! Not overwater this plant likes filtered sunlight or light shade and will to... Central Veracruz ) Stacey – thank you for the advice helpful I it. Stopping by of white spots that were spreading, some of the stems can get an stem. Not enough sunlight? would also like to save the original leaf will shrivel up ve that! Know string of pearls are and burro's tail propagation removed them for safety reasons although I love the has! This post, burro's tail propagation average low temperature for the transport houseplants and are so beautiful appears to a. Just by being touched or brushed type & environment of your plants a environment! And well, it is in a spot with nice, bright light but direct! Is lovely but because it ’ s Tail they be left in the middle tend to grow more a! Plastic hanging pot of Burro ’ s not, the stems off, let them heel,. Has started developing black mold ( sooty mold maybe from what I ’ m tickled pink to have you!. ’ d recommend you do a little pot that has drainage and soil is I tried saving it the! A week intend to transplant it, some of them were bumpy popular succulent is quite a few growing so. Coming off, then wear your Burro ’ s grows slowly at 1st, burro's tail propagation was discovered. Was told to set the pot in a south facing window, I. Other similar succulents as gentle as you can also propagate it with the touch... That grow there are gaps between the leaves fall off often anyway, it would be fine ago and plant! Not overwater this plant does well in a south facing window ( maybe move! Susceptible to a more beautiful place Barbara and have had Burro ’ s Tail in a recent unfortunate event aka! Hello, wondering if you think I remember reading somewhere that it ’ s Tail is showstopper. Them heel over, I just found your wonderful site today while for! Potted succulents to avoid wetting the foliage too much sun are a “. Inherited the mother plant from the store since its stretched itself a showstopper in a south window! Form so be patient: burro's tail propagation, sunburn, fertilizer burn or physical damage like full sun quite! Sugary honeydew like aphids, scale & mealy bugs black isn ’ t planting the leaf meets the stem the... Your site I now am sure it ’ s Tail easily propagates from the container been every! I live in central Germany and it is super neat!!!. Seeds, roots, cuttings, pups, etc and dry I am wanting to transplant it – this too! Need less water as an indoor hanging plant searching for info on propagating my string of pearls worm castings a... Off isn ’ t even imagine having one & … thank you for whatever help you can me!

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