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SnapDry™ door and trim paint dries in just one hour! 2. Paint your front door with beautiful colors on both sides so the front porch looks inviting and the entry feels like a complete room. Thanks, Thanks! The bright white feels off in an area I'm about to decorate in shades of ivory, black, and gold. But rather than just painting it white you could look at your colour palette and perhaps pick out a soft tone to tie in. My question for you is, do you think we should paint the insides of our front and back door? Don’t read any further – just let this be a feature inside as it is for your exterior. I am considering painting all my interior doors a light to medium gray(they are all white now) . But my real question is what color to pant the edge. So really consider how hardy you need the finish to be – if the door is from an internal garage into an internal mudroom there is no reason not to use interior paint. My Free Resource Library has lots of helpful e-books and checklists to help with your renovation or weekend project. 3. I painted the outside of my front door right away, and then a year later, stripped the inside of my door down to bare wood instead of the white. Paint the counters of the door with primer first, and then use a roller for the flat surfaces. We’re debating between red, black, or a shade of blue (all high gloss/brilliant). Hi Samantha, The current color of the front door is red, and I chose two better options for them to consider. They are specialist in windoes and doors installation. this door opens IN btw way and has glass windows . All my walls are white and I want this one door leaving my place to have a classy surprise color, Hi Danielle A favourite dark grey of mine is Dulux Castlecliff as it is neutral and dark. Next roll the inside cross pieces. The Best Paint Colours for the INSIDE of Your Front Door (partner post to 'The Best Paint Colours for the Outside of Your Front Door' ) Other than ceilings and bodies, doors are often the m Article by Kylie M Interiors E-DESIGN, Colour Consulting and Colour Reviews Samantha. In truth I never thought it was something people bid, thought doors where all the same inside and out, but the more you take note! Which I’m starting to feel too neutral. My home is very small therefore the front door is visible from the dining table. My friend, Shannon, with Fox Hollow Cottage painted the inside of her front door a pretty aqua blue, which carries into her home furnishings as well. I almost thought about painting the hinge side the exterior color because the door swings to the inside and paint the lock side interior color. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Everything to Know About Painting Furniture, How to Cook a Turkey in Just Over an Hour, How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick in 2016, The Secret to Hanging a Decorative Plate Wall, 5 Budget-Friendly Decorating Risks To Take This Year, You Can Make These No-Sew DIY Curtains in an Hour, Toast to Valentine's Day With This Special Kir Royale Recipe. If the door has not already been … We spray both outside and inside to give your door that built-in look. By using a blue that is the same strength in tone as the orange or darker (even something like the BM Hale Navy) you will get the balance right. Advice? Remember though that the colours will read differently inside – perhaps paint a sample board and tack it to the door inside to see if you like the effect. Or you may like to treat the door as an opportunity to bring in colour. Image – West Elm. I probably know my own answer but good to get a 2nd opinion. 3) If the door has any holes, fill them with the filler. Priming is ideally done in the same order (edges first, etc. It is a smaller house and entrance and do have new dark oiled bronzed hardware on front door. If we selected red (Fine Paints of Europe Tulip Red – Brilliant) do you think that would be too colorful for the inside of the door? Samantha. Plus: See more of our Pretty Handy Projects ideas » Make sure to … Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Thanks for sharing such a good article on the Internet. All walls on the inside of our home are white and have a huge feature island that is a different colour then the all white cabinets. I’m Samantha, a designer and colour professional who loves to share my design secrets. This can make a great statement in a hallway scheme when you often don’t have many other design elements and opportunities to bring in colour. Should I paint the mudroom side of the dutch door white (or another color) or leave it unpainted? Can you help? Hope this helps Samantha. It takes forever to dry, ( u cant leave your front door opened over night), and then when you do close it, it isn’t really dry, & the door sticks, then it peels/scrapes off. Let the primer dry before painting. 10 decorating mistakes everyone needs to make » All of our interior doors are stained walnut . All 7 doors are painted in white satinwood, but I was thinking of making a statement of the inside of my front door, in what’s a rather bland hallway. Remember red is very striking in an interior – it is the first colour the eye sees and therefore it must work with everything else in the area. Hope this helps! Below is the before: before. Here’s how I did it. You could possibly use a darker greige for the back of the front door just to break it up a little if you felt there was too much white? I hope this helps Samantha. My front door is currently blue, but I think that I’ll paint the inside yellow to help brighten up the living room that it opens up to. My recommendation would be to treat the doors as a feature colour and work with the depth of the walnut – so for example if you think a blue will suit your scheme, select a blue that is a similar tonal level to the walnut. Finish with the center and outer flat surfaces, also using a roller. The problem is that I have a coat closet door very close to the front door, and I would really only like to paint the front door. As you already have a bright white door in that hallway, it makes sense to paint the inside of the front door the same. Hi Shari Yes, it sounds as though this is a good decision. You have really eased my work, loved your writing skill as well. Here's how to paint a front door within a day. Thanks for your help. Front door is solid with a same-size transom above it. This content is imported from Instagram. So door jambs, architraves etc will be in white. as well as classic black. My drawing room has whites, grays and berry. My home is only 1200sqft so my doors are pretty close to one another. If your entrance hallway has lots of other doors leading from it, you may like to consider just painting it in the same white/off white that you have used for those doors. For example, a coral pink door with coral pink trim. Plus, all our paint work comes with a 10-year guarantee. Should I choose a lighter color that won’t contrast as much? I think I should paint the outside front door blue, but inside of front door white (matching insides)…but what about the door jam side of the lock etc? 3. and am doing a glossy white battenboard design on the wall to the right just inside the door All the trim and doors on the interior of the house are white with oak flooring. The pop of color makes a paneled door look more interesting. Thanks in advance! We recently had overlay concrete put down in all areas (except bedrooms) in our house. Perhaps paint everything else first and then assess it to see what you think. Samantha. For about the first week, after it was painted, I thought the door was painted shut. If you do opt to paint the inside of yours a darker shade, like black, I’d highly recommend going glossy too–so dramatic! Just keep the colour soft though so that there isn’t a big contrast. Oak Land View has helped me in constructing beautiful windows and doors until now which will get more coolness after seeing this designs. Perhaps your door might just need a sand back and re-stain on the inside and then it becomes a lovely feature in your hallway? Your primer should be a similar shade to the final paint color. I picked up on your feeling that the house may be too neutral so you could possibly use one of your light coastal colours. Good luck Samantha, Our new home is almost completed but I am having a hard time deciding what to do with the inside of the front and back doors that are currently painted white. White interior like the rest of the trim is a good option for a beach house. You can repeat an accent colour that already exists in your space OR choose an accent colour that complements/contrasts your home. Does the inside color of my front door need to go with the color of my kitchen that is across from it? My walls are already a very warm white with a very pale celery green accent wall. Your email address will not be published. Go in the direction of the grain on the door. 7. This seems to be the 64,000.00 question. It is gorgeous on the exterior of the home. Feature walls have had their day so if you want to introduce a splash of colour, the inside of your front door can be a great surface to paint. Thanks for sharing all this great information. I saw the black doors and love the look. I did got good knowledge about what type of doors should I get designed for my new home. Hi Paul – yes the inside of front doors is not something that we generally give a lot of thought to in life! A charcoal grey on the outside of your front door would look good with the stonework on the house. Hi Wendy you always paint the edge the interior colour – so white. The sidelights can look good outside but I always feel that the interior should just match the rest of the interior trim. If you want to avoid the cutting in then you have to go with the choice inside so this may help you to decide between the black and red. Being your favourite colour, you are also using this palette inside, in which case, it is absolutely fine to paint the interior of your front door, the same as the outside colour. Now I just have to pick a color! I would be very grateful for your thoughts. Was wondering if I should go with the dark color on the interior of the front door or stick with the white on the interior. You should never just paint one side of a timber door as this will cause it to warp. Good luck Samantha. Should I leave them the white so they blend and visually there is more room and no breaks in the space? Required fields are marked *, Hi and welcome to Making your HOME beautiful. I am loving yours! Hope this helps Samantha. Difficult for me to say either way – if you’re really stuck then it might be worth taping up the door! I did a paint consultation on Monday for a front door of a couple who live in Washington state. I also have a small laundry area in the hall way with the bending type doors if that makes sense. White interior like the rest of the trim is a good option for a beach house. See more of our Pretty Handy Projects ideas », 15 Effortlessly Beautiful DIY Fall Centerpieces, 6 Secrets to Creating a Beautiful Breakfast Nook, How to Stop Deer From Eating Your Garden (With 22 Plant Ideas ! By following this simple step-by-step guide, from preparing the door for painting, to leaving the paint to dry and cure, you can guarantee a professional finish throughout your home. This keeps the look simple and is an elegant solution. Open my door, enter my front entrance, and then the kitchen is right there. It will depend on how big the hallway is and also how dominant the wall colour is – if it is a burnt orange that suggests to me that it is not too bright and obvious so I think it should be fine. Paint the front door. You can use a roller for this application. Samantha. Would you give me your opinion? Fill in any hard-to-reach spots with a brush. Small entry, 1400 sq ft open concept condo. My hallway has a total of 7 doors (6 internal doors, and my front door). Hi Christine When I paint front doors, I really like to just paint the door in the funky colour and leave the trim to suit the rest of the house – windows etc. And when it comes to your front door, go as bold as you like (as long as you don't live in a Conservation Area with restrictions on paint colour, of course.) Good luck Samantha. and review everything nearby and take your cue from one of those pieces. We went with a barn-wood red color to compliment the browns. How to Pick the Best Colour For Your Door Choose an accent colour that suits the interior of your home. Perhaps try a sample of that but double check things like your floor colour and anything else in the hallway to ensure that it all works together. There really is no right or wrong answer here but I am going to show you some ideas and tips to follow: 1)      If you have a beautiful natural timber feature door I would really just leave it as it is. Having my hall stairs and landing painted along with all the door casings,(light gray on walls and satin white on casings) but my old wooden front door (stained a dark reddy brown) stands out like a sore thumb, looks ok from the outside as an stained solid wood door would do, but does not match on the inside.

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